Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Fifth Grade Class

From Mrs. Abernethy

Dear Happening Habitat:
Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from high school. What a great fifth grade class you were! Do you remember the Senior Citizen Extravaganza you planned and pulled off? We had been given a grant from WalMart to honor senior citizens. I handed the ball to you to come up with a plan and boy did you ever. You chose to honor and send invitations out to over 100 senior citizens in Greenville who were known for giving their time back to the community by volunteering. You then planned the most fantastic celebration ever including homemade hors d'oeuvres and a talent show performed by all of you. Vicky's dad offered up the Elks for us to hold the event, and what a fabulous event it was. I was so proud of all of you and I never forgot it. I hope you always remember it, too, and I hope you will continue to give back to your community. Good luck in the future! I know you will do great things!!!
Mrs. Abernethy

A Blast from the Past

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